To understand what makes the Gargano one of the areas of Europe with the highest level of biodiversity, it is necessary to go back in time. About 160 million years ago the Gargano was an island, separated from Italy's boot. Only later, due to numerous and various geological and environmental phenomena, the promontory joined the mainland, forming the unmistakable "spur".

The island origin, however, has marked the natural evolution of this territory manifesting itself in an environment characterized by different habitats. The Foresta Umbra, the green heart of the Gargano, is a typical expression: a centuries-old beech tree considered "depressed beech forest" because it is located at much lower altitudes than the classic 800 meters, favored by abundant rainfall.

Inside it is also possible to admire forms of gigantism both of the arboreal species and of the shrub species, signs of the natural phenomenon called "plant macrosomatism", the result of the ancient isolation of the Promontory. To protect this "biological island" with all its great environmental variety, the Gargano National Park was established.

In this same precious area of ​​Puglia you can admire the mountain ranges of the Gargano Promontory, the two coastal lakes of Lesina and Varano, the splendid Spontaneous Orchids, the interesting archaeological sites of the Gargano, the indented coastline and rich in sea caves, the Reserve marina of the Tremiti Islands Archipelago. A mosaic of habitats concentrated in one territory, to be discovered.


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